Vayu Siddhi

Vayu Siddhi: A guide to Pranayama, Ashtanga’s fourth limb

DVD/Book Covers

Vayu Siddhi, a two disc DVD/book set was a huge project. Pranayama, the technique of conscious breathing, is the cornerstone of Ashtanga yoga. The cover of the DVD was designed to utilize an image of a man illustrating the five vayu’s, the five different energetic territories of the body. The color for the outside cover chosen for the cooling aspect of the in-breath and the contrasting orange color used for the inside cover touching on the idea of a warm/fiery out-breath. The “So Ham, Hamsa” text reviling the subtle influence of an inner presence.

This theme was carried through for the Website, and other promotional materials including stickers and images used across social media sites.

Using the idea of breath and the openness that can be created from it, I chose to give the book design lots of space and room to BREATH, emulating it’s content. I was heavily involved in the editing of the book and organization. The first printing of the book was a hand crafted hard cover in collaboration with Bella Forte Bookbinding and Letterpress. The teal image and black text were printed on white book cloth and the title embossed on the front in gold. Each detail in the book was chosen to re-illustrate the feeling of space and simplicity.