Ashtanga Yoga

The system of Ashtanga Yoga is based on the strength and elegance of Hatha Yoga. It is a breath and movement system, vinyasa, initiated by the conscious development of connection — breath to movement — each posture to the next.

Through an intelligently dynamic practice, the cultivation of a steady gaze (drishti) and initiation of the internal locks (bandhas) the subtlety of the asanas will bloom, one at a time, into moments of depth and stillness that foster physical and mental wholeness. Applying these techniques with discipline, grace, and skill in a daily practice will forge physical and mental strength, and nurture perception and clarity. It might even be an antidote to the modern world.

There is no doubt that Ashtanga is an invigorating and challenging physical practice, but I whole heartedly feel that any one with a desire to learn it will benefit from it regardless of their circumstances.