Teaching Schedule

Teaching Schedule


Private and Semi-private Sessions


In your Home/Office/Hotel
Private  $90
Semi-Private (2-3 people) $130
Private  $115
      Semi-Private (2-3 people) $155

Book a session by emailing darlingtonj@gmail.com.

Durham, NC – Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham

March 8-18, 2018

Join me for a week of Mysore and other classes the week of March 8-16 and two amazing workshops over the weekend, March 17-18 at the Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham!


Energetic Alignment

Saturday – March 17, 3-5pm

Learn how to better focus your muscular awareness and develop a vast love for alignment for such essential asanas as trikonasana (triangle pose) and virabhadrasana (warrior pose). These positions are key in developing flexibility for the entirety of your practice and will give you information to explore throughout.

Register online at ashtangayogaclubdurham.com

Restorative Hatha Yoga

Sunday – March 18, 3-5pm

Join us for a full two hours of investigative action in the realm of restorative asana through a handful of classic positions. This exploration into the aspects of strength, breath and stillness will work to restore pranic value to your central nervous system. As an added bonus, during some of the longer held poses we will be taking in the soothing sounds of live classical Indian music provided by Nikos and Suzanne as well as a few of our favorite recorded sounds.

Register online at ashtangayogaclubdurham.com


2218 North Roxboro St.


$30/class OR $50 for both classes
email Suzyruth2@yahoo.com for more information

Albuquerque, NM – 3B Yoga

March 24, 2018


Love Your Practice:
The Art of Dynamic Softening

It is not necessarily common to think of using the knowledge that you gain from your daily practice as offering possibilities to help you slow down. This is quite useful when faced with certain limitations such as lethargy, injury and illness. By deepening your understanding of yoga asana and the body, and changing how you approach your movement and breathing patterns, you can learn to reset your focus and attention on the foundation of your positions and come into a place of dynamism no matter the conditions. Our theme will be on replenishing your energy stores and entering into inward states of meditation through a small selection of postures from the primary series.


3B Yoga

4545 Alameda Blvd., Albuquerque, NM


Email or phone 3B Yoga at 505-­717-­8620 or INFO@3BYOGANM.COM for registration information.

Class Fee:

$30 Early bird rate if registered before March 19
$35 After March 19