Teaching Schedule

Teaching Schedule


Private and Semi-private Sessions


In your Home/Office/Hotel
Private (60-Minutes) $90
Semi-Private (60-Minutes, 2-3 people) $130

Private (90-Minutes) $115
Semi-Private (90-Minutes, 2-3 people) $155

Book a session by emailing darlingtonj@gmail.com.

Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham — Durham, NC

November 14 – 21

Join me at AYDC for morning and evening mysore and MORE while Nikos and Suzy get a well deserved staycation.

Thursday, Nov. 14 — 6-7:50am & 5-7pm

Restorative Workshop (details below)
Friday, Nov. 15 — 5:30-7:30pm

Led Primary Series
Saturday, Nov. 16 — 8-10:30am

Tailoring Your Practice Workshop (details below)
Saturday, Nov. 16 — 11-1pm

Sunday, Nov. 17 — 8-10:30am
Monday, Nov. 18 — 6-7:50am
Tuesday, Nov. 19 — 6-7:50am & 5-7pm
Wednesday, Nov. 20 — 6-7:50am
Thursday, Nov. 21 — 6-7:50am & 5-7pm


Friday, November 15 — 5:30-7:30pm

Restoration Yoga

A class to restore and invigorate your central nervous system through supported posture and breath.

Saturday, November 16 — 11am-1pm

Tailoring Your Practice

Ashtanga is a fluid system that allows adaptions and modifications that assist in developing a practice that inspires on a daily basis.

This class will help you discover some tools you’ll need to create and re-create the best practice for you no matter the circumstances.

Burning Spirits Yoga — Portland, OR

January 12 – 26

Join me at Burning Spirits Yoga in Portland, Oregon for Daily Mysore and more!

Morning Mysore
Sunday, Jan. 12 — 9-11am
Monday, Jan. 13 – Thursday, Jan. 16 — 6:30-9:30am

Yoga Punx PDX – Bhakti Flow
Thursday, Jan. 16 — 5:30-6:30pm

Led Primary Series
Friday, Jan. 17 — 7-8:30am

Morning Mysore
Sunday, Jan. 19 — 9-11am
Monday, Jan. 20 – Thursday, Jan. 23 — 6:30-9:30am

Yoga Punx PDX – Bhakti Flow
Thursday, Jan. 23 — 5:30-6:30pm

Primary Series In-depth Study
Friday, Jan. 24 – Sunday, January 26 — See schedule below!

Join teacher Joanna Darlington for a unique look into the world of ashtanga and all its limbs including the asanas (postures), their transitions, and the breath that makes up the primary series.

Learn about:
– posture alignment
– modifications
– when why and how to use props
– yamas and niyamas (the first two limbs of ashtanga yoga)


Friday, January 24
5:30-7pm — Surya Namaskar and Ujjayi

Nine positions of Surya Namaskar A. Where breath and movement, in this vinyasa system of Ashtanga Yoga, come together and forge the foundation for practice by warming the body and igniting the senses. Get a thorough look at each position of Surya Namaskar along with the breath and the transitions that connect them.

Saturday, January 25
1 – 3pm — Standing Postures

In this class learn the foundational properties of the standing postures and how they serve as the base essence for the entire primary series. From the transitions to the subtlety of skeletal alignment, and the nuance of basic adjustments you will get a unique view into the power of the these essential asanas.

3:30 – 5:30pm — Seated Postures

Progressing through the series in the seated postures introduces the jump back and jump through, known as the vinyasa. Enjoy this challenging and fun class as we look deeply into these select postures.

Sunday, January 26
10:30am – 1pm — Partial Led Primary Series and Finishing Sequence

This partial led class will take you through most of the asanas of the Primary Series. We will work on the asanas explored in the previous days and add on the study of the backbends and inversions which characterize the finishing sequence.

Fee • $175


Email darlingtonj@gmail.com for more information or register online at Burning Sprits Yoga.

3B Yoga New Mexico – ongoing

Mysore Program at 3BNM

Sunday Morning Mysore — 8:30-10:30am*
      *First Sunday of every month is a led full primary series, 9-10:30am
Monday-Thursday Morning Mysore — 6-8am
Friday Morning Mysore — 6-7:30am

Chanting: Mantras, Vedic Chants and Sutras

Sundays — 10:45-11:30am (this class is free and open to anyone interested in deepening their study of yoga.)