Teaching Schedule

Teaching Schedule


Private and Semi-private Sessions


In your Home/Office/Hotel
Private (60-Minutes) $90
Semi-Private (60-Minutes, 2-3 people) $130

Private (90-Minutes) $115
Semi-Private (90-Minutes, 2-3 people) $155

Book a session by emailing darlingtonj@gmail.com.


3B Yoga New Mexico

Vinyasa Count of the Primary Series


Saturday, February 1 — 3-5pm

A Led Primary Series is so much more than going from posture to posture. The intricate details of this rhythmic practice are shown within the count, the breath that matches your movement. It is a listening practice, and the best way to truly listen is to understand the underlying essence of vinyasa. What really is vinyasa? In this particular instance we are talking about the number of steps you take to get to the state of an asana (posture) along with the number of steps you take to get back out of it.

In this class we will investigate the properties of Vinyasa through breath and rhythm, and learn about the Sanskrit used to count in the traditional way.

Fee: $40
Register online at www.3byoganm.com.

3B Yoga New Mexico – ongoing

Mysore Program at 3BNM

Sunday Morning Mysore — 8:30-10:30am*
      *First Sunday of every month is a led full primary series, 9-10:30am
Monday-Thursday Morning Mysore — 6-8am
Friday Morning Mysore — 6-7:30am

Monthly Introductory Courses – see 3byoganm.com for details.

Chanting: Mantras, Vedic Chants and Sutras

Sundays — 10:45-11:30am (this class is free and open to anyone interested in deepening their study of yoga.)